Thursday, 8 December 2011

My hair is growing:)SMILES:)

wink wink......ok, so I had a little fit a while ago and complained about how my hair line was receding and asked for a solution and i had a few suggestions to try castor was quite a mixed review so I decided to try it to find out for myself and it has worked.My hair is actually growing(sorry I don't have pics now).It has definitely worked.So one of my readers,ZEYTIN advised that I rub the castor oil on that part of my hair every evening and TheBeaLane and Simplychic also recommended that I lay off weaves and uno hairstyles that pulls on my hair and because they have healthy hair,I decided to listen to them and apply it and its working....shout out to them and yeah,I will take a photo when I am decently dressed and show it to you guys.Thanks for you help


  1. I don't have healthy hair lol I suffer from excessive shedding. Well that's good your hair is growing! Bet it never stopped lol.
    Keep what you are doing up and it'll continue.
    Thanks for the shoutout!

  2. Hhaha. Nice post.
    Good job on the hair thing!


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