Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tribute to perverts

Dear perverted man/morally corrupt man/mr no integrity should I say?

I have observed many men like you and I am particularly more impressed  with your story.

I am impressed with your ability to exploit every chance with a female and consider as a chance to get laid;

I am impressed at your ability to scheme and plan around how you will sleep with a woman whether you have sought her the right way or not-watch,your backdoor is opened.

Us young girls are very available,gullible and vulnerable which is not rocket science to you because you already figured that out;thus the best specimen for your experiment.

We have learnt very little from our families,friends and the people we are surrounded by therefore we would like to learn some few more things from you...esp sex(shhh) if you don't mind.

We really don't mind you being our carry on with the lesson the other guy started teaching us last time.

We just wanna tell you that we feel sorry for YOU and YOUR PARTNER;

We mock your girlfriend/fiancée or wife anytime we see her because she has nothing to be proud of;

we heard how you have begged us for sex;

We saw how pitiful and shameful you looked when you needed satisfaction outside of your relationship;

We saw your strength when you tried to force us to sleep with you;

Your chutzpah,when you DEMANDED sex;

when you BEGGED for contact;

when you forced your tongue into our mouths without any prior invitation;

when you insisted taking us home when we didn't need your help;

when you created a 1000 chances for us to be left alone with you;

When you exploited your authority over us;

when you took advantage of us because of our innocence and youth;

when you lured us into places and tried to have your way with us;

When you pretended before others that you are an honourable man etc

On a personal note,
I salute you for your wonderful contribution to my memories

I salute you for the impact you have made in my life

I salute you for the effort you made  and still make to defile me and the other girls you defiled and still defile and are planning to defile...

The truth of the matter is that,when you are done with me,the next one of your kind will be waiting in line to help me revise what you have taught me with the same technique whether I like it or not because,like you,they think I OWE them and it is simply because I have body parts they don't have.

I'll tell you what,I'm ready for you and the rest of you,just waiting patiently for you to surface like you always do.

In the mean time,I'll order my pepper spray from eBay just in case I don't want another lesson,

I'll try and warn the world about you before you come

I'll also build a huge wall around me  no one will be able to break-that should help a little(I hope)

PS:This is Dedicated to all the men who have "touched"me without my consent
To all the perverts at HOME,SCHOOL,CHURCH,outside and WORK.

Also,to the forever increasing number of perverted men out there who are closing in on me everyday

To the perverts we,women are yet to encounter.....dreadful

Some facts of life-to fellow females
1.The truth is that perverts will always exist
2.only the fear of God can help such men
3.Only integrity can depopulate this race of perverts
4.Do whatever is necessary to avoid defilement-apply reasonable or unreasonable force
5.Protect all females
5.God,preserve us all

I say all this with a sense of apology to very few men.

PS:To all the men,who have never tried to defile me in any way no matter how many chances you have had,GOD BLESS YOU RICHLY and protect all of yours like you protected what belongs to another.

There are a few innocent ones who get misconstrued or accused-God is your vindication but the guilty ones,you know yourselves-God is your refuge

I leave you all in the hands of the one who chooses whom to have mercy on.

Matilda Boakye

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