Thursday, 24 October 2013

Emporia Armani for women review

Among many of the gifts I got for my birthday was the emporia Armani gift set.
Did I consider myself blessed among women when I received this-yes
I opened a gift only to find this gift set and bam!!!a prayer had been answered.
I had been contemplating prior to my birthday to get myself a perfum since I finished my previous one flower bomb by Vitoria Rolf which was beautiful(for lack of better words.Little did I know that a little bird somewhere somehow had whispered into the ears of a nice gentleman to get me this for my birthday and since that night-I have been using the heck out of this perfume.
It is described as a natural spray - Eau de parfum
It is not ideally what I will gravitate towards but it is interesting in an odd way.
I like fruity and woodsy smells-a bit of vanilla,tonka bean,sandal wood here and there but I think in all of this I am being prompted to try different things which I always avoid but aim loving this experience this time.
It has a very mild smell of vanilla and it almost smells clean 
It lasts long and wears gradually and nicely
I would think this is best worn in the evening on a date where you don't want to be overbearing but mysterious
It does grow on you
I think it can be used day time but night time will be best 
It's beautiful and sampling it will be the best way to determine whether it is your cup of tea or not.
Hope you give it a try esp if you are looking for a new perfume
It retails in all perfume shops and major counters like debenhams,house of Fraser  or online.

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