Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Carmine October:Beauty

I just recently signed up to Carmine after i watched a video from Fleur de Force from YouTube and Carmine was doing a £5 off as an introductory offer.
Now I'm not really obsessed with beauty and make up but I feel like I should have a few and learn a few tricks without paying too much for it as I'm growing up everyday and i still don't know how to do make up:P
Anyway,so I bought it and I received this morning and thought why not do a post on it just in case people are interested then they can subscribe too....Frugal right?Pay less,get more...I'd rather spend my money on something else.
I really cant say much about it but its a monthly beauty subscription that you can keep or cancel when you are ready and it £10+£2.25 p&p...I did get mine for £7.75 and I got 5 products which is very good(wink)
If you are interested,sign up here.
Trind natural nail strengthener or repair 9ml
Fratboy:The balm blush 8.5g
Caudelie quenching sorbet creme 10ml
Daniel Sandler eyeshadow:peach 3g
Balance me supermoisturing hand cream 30ml:98.8% natural

excuse the creases on my bed:P

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