Wednesday, 12 October 2011

One lovely blogger award

I recently received an award from Uduak...Thank you thank you:)I've only just recently joined her blog and she is actually a blogger who blogs from cool is that?i actually know someone who lives in Nigeria and i've never met just noticed that she is a nurse....I like powerful women who serve...thats where the blessing comes from if you know what i mean:)It's taken me a while to do this....i apologise.

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Name your favorite color: wine or lime green or teal
Name your favorite song :I will rejoice by William Murphy
Name your favorite dessert : fruit salad or something with crust
What pisses you off? : rudeness
When you are upset you?start singing,praying or sulking...
Your favorite pet: I havent got one but if i had it'd be a fish or a parrot
Black or white?: white...its so clean
Your biggest fear: heights and snakes
Everyday attitude:I refuse to be sad or broke:contentment
Your best feature: my legs...i used to think they were so ugly:its funny now:)
What is perfection:God
Guilty pleasure: The Kardashians and TV series

  • 1. I am from Ghana
  • 2. I am always in my always
  • 3. I love it when my food tastes and smells good
  • 4. I am very interested in writing and singing
  • 5. I get seperation anxiety when I am away from my laptop
  • 6.I wanna do so many things....make up.presenting, designing and sewing etc
  • 7.I like travelling and making new sensible friends.

I nominate these bloggers because i think they are actually nice people:I get good vibes from them and they educate me anytime i read their blogs.
  1. Bea of  TheBeaLane
  2. Trudy of Moi Meme
  3. FunTo of Tell the world
  4. Khatu
  8. Natalie of Discoveries of self
  9. Sandra of FashionShrewd
  11. Shirley B Eniang of meeknmild
  12. Funbi of DatFunkyFro
  13. Sia of rosemarierocks
  14. Lynn of Carmen Vogue
  15. Lindsey of Delighted Momma
      I wanna thank God at this point for making this possible:)....yeah and i wanna thank Uduak for thinking i deserve and award.Thanks:)


      1. congrats on the award! i thought i was the only one who was sooooo addicted to their laptop.

      2. thanks dear , you deserve it! your blog is inspirational, motivating and many more..enjoy! xoxo

      3. oh thanks for the nomination...congrats as well...i also i'm blessed when i read ur blog updates....keep them coming


      Thanks for the reading and commenting
      Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.xx