Thursday, 4 August 2011


I dont like them(blackheads) at all....I've got to a point where i am actually frustrated because they just wont go away...I need your help seriously....I have tried a lot of creams,face washes and scrubs i can afford and i see no improvement....sometimes,it goes away and that area(on my chest just above my girls) feels smooth but the dark spots remain there and then it goes back to the little nasties again...I'm actually fed up...I was gonna try the trick in this video but i'm already disgusted by the eggs soooo....any suggestions?....
  • have you got blackheads? 
  • and how do get rid of them?...
  • is it caused by some types of food?
....any knowledge or wisdom about this will be a girl out...thanks in advance:)


  1. Im no help. Lol i dont know what a blackhead is!

  2. lemons r gd 4 cleansing acne... u can either apply it 2 ur skin or drink detoxifies the system...tried it 4 a while it seemed to work.

    change ur pillow case often as well nd cleanse with an antibacterial shd help da situation a bit--- fingercrossed!!

  3. lol...@ Bea...blackheads are dark or red spots depending on your complexion which appears usually after after acne or while you have it and they can chill on your skin for a good while....

    @xflashinlitesx....thanks for the tip...i'll try that:)


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