Saturday, 9 July 2011

Publicity paranoia

I've had some reservations about posting my images on blogspot and in fact on the internet eventhough i'm really into style and would like to do outfit of the days and make up and stuff(u know what i mean).....I'm gonna let go of the paranoia and take little steps gradually without publicising everything about myself on the internet.I'll start with this picture.I was on my way to Londo for an Easter Convention with people from ny Church....I was wearing a very nice dress until it got a bit chilly,then i had to put the cardigan on top.It worked however tho....alie???anywayzzz.....enjoy the post.:)sorry guys....I had to crop someone out of it....
shoes from H&M,cardigan from Asos and dress from Next.


  1. nice the jumper!...:-)

  2. I know what you mean about the picture thing. I was really paranoid about stuff about me everywhere, as long as you limit your info.
    I really like the cardi!

  3. Thanks for leaving your link :) and oooooh!!!! That cardigan is too cute. Perfect pop of color :)



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