Friday, 17 June 2011

vintage shopping?used clothes really?

I used to have a lot of reservations and i probably still have them until i boldly walk into a thrift store...we'll never know.I'm actually thinking of doing just that as much as i'm trying to cut down spending and enjoying and actually using the things chilling in my wardrobe....yeah
will update you when i actually make a trip cos i'm seeing really nice pieces on people latley and they claim its vintage shopping....its worth a shot right..i'll never know until i actualli make a trip....wish me luck:)


  1. I understand that..I wasn't sure about checking out goodwill..then I ended up finding some really nice slacks that still had the price tag of over $60.00 and I got them for $7.00. I couldn't pass that up lol

  2. wow...thats a wicked bargain...I wouldnt pass that up either...Trust!!!

  3. Vintage pieces are amazing.
    the fact its one off noone else is wearing it, just makes you feel special and with vintage clothes there is more attention to detail than clothes of nowadays.

    Jen xx


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