Sunday, 12 June 2011


I went to London yesterday and unfortunately i could not find time to shop cos i had such limited time ....I spent 5hrs there and i spent all those hours waiting or trying not to get did manage to get something from Victoria though.It was a  minerals hand lotion with nail file and other stuff that do a lot of magic to your nails to make it look well shiny after a little nail filing session...I did a trial yesterday for like 30 secs and my nails are still shiny.It was from this company called Gadi21....Here's a link. sell the most the expensive products i've ever heard off really.I bought this hand cream for £20 and the whole of yesterday,i actually thought it was body lotion.....lolll...its all good.Its very natural cos it contains dead sea salts and they are apparently v.good....Fortunately there are no parabens in them so i guess thats very good....:)I'll update you guys later.

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